Does Shakeology Work?

shakeology flavor selectionOne of the most popular questions I’m asked is “does Shakeology work?”  This question usually comes after someone has heard of this incredibly healthy meal replacement shake by Team Beachbody.

I think the main reason I get this question is due to its cost.  This ultra premium meal replacement shake costs between $3-$4 per serving.  At first glance, some are shocked because there are many other nutrition drinks on the market for considerably less.  However, when you really compare the level of nutrients found in it, you may find like I have that your body is worth it.

But is it for you?

In the remainder of this post, I will describe 6 different lifestyles who may find benefits in this meal replacement and a corresponding viewpoints from doctors who also find this product extremely beneficial.

Let’s Examine These 7 Lifestyles

1.  Does Shakeology work for current Beachbody customers? – Usually the first people to hear about this premium nutrition drink are Beachbody customers who have just purchased one of our popular and effective workout programs.  Many people who are endeavoring to get back in shape are struggling with the energy throughout the day.  Exercise and losing weight is a great way to increase energy.  Shakeology can help you lose weight by replacing one meal per day.  Doing this can help you sustain the energy you need to exercise effectively and lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Hear what Dr. David Fields has to say!

2.  Does Shakeology work for Baby Boomers? – Today’s baby boomers are more concerned with longevity and staying young than ever before.  If you ask most, they would tell you that one of their biggest concerns is to maintain an active lifestyle during retirement.  Shakeology helps to reduce the oxidative damage from free radicals that causes rapid aging in the body and leads to degenerative conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, and arthritis.  It can help you have more energy and enjoy your life.

Does Shakeology Work as a Convenient Meal?

3.  Busy Parents – If you’re like me and most parents today, you’re constantly running between your full time job or a home life and the demands of our kids.  It’s easy to find our way to a fast food drive in or a quick frozen meal but our bodies suffer each time we choose poor nutrition for the sake of quick, easy or convenient.  This is where I found myself when I began using this high quality meal replacement shake in January 2010.  It provides a quick and convenient way to get 70 high quality nutrients in one easy meal.  It helps maintain energy if you’re a fast paced parent with a hectic lifestyle with kids.

4.  Does Shakeology work for busy professionals and college students? – If you’re always on the go, it’s easy to cut corners on what your body needs in terms of nutrition.  I know I used to be guilty of popping into Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s to grab something quick.  Shakeology is easy to make if you’re short on time and chock full of nutrition.  It’s a great healthy snack or substitute for a full meal loaded with super foods when time doesn’t allow.

5.  Does Shakeology work for health conscious people? – If you live a lifestyle of being healthy and fit then you might find that your cabinets are loaded with various supplements to keep your body running properly.   You may find that you have multi-vitamins, amino acids, protein, fiber many other supplements.  Well, it can help you reduce your costs on all of these other supplements because of the complex nature of its formulation.  Now, you can drink just one Shakeology per day and enjoy a tasty, ultra premium nutrition drink and possibly eliminate all those extra supplements.

Watch as Dr. Hasan A. Zia Discusses the Vitamins included.

6.  Does Shakeology work for people who don’t like fruits and vegetables? – I remember when I was growing up that my brother couldn’t stand vegetables of any kind.  He would have to sit at the table until he ate them all and sometime he’d fall asleep because my mom wouldn’t let him down until he ate them all.  Well, the reality is that many people (young and old) don’t like fruits and vegetables.  In fact, the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler is one of them.  His wife and co-creator of Shakeology always mentions that the creation was a labor of love because he just didn’t like veggies.  This shake provides and easy way to drink the nutrients equal to those of bowls of fruits and vegetables.

Watch and Learn about the over 70 Nutritious Ingredients Inside of Shakeology

7.  Does Shakeology work for Vegetarians? –  Recently, Beachbody introduced a brand new vegan formula that takes its nutrition formula to a whole new level.  Now for all those who needed to stay away from dairy, animal or whey protein or lactose, you can now add Tropical Shakeology to your diet.  It features an intensely formulated plant-based protein and co-creator Darin Olien says that it’s ideal for those who can’t tolerate whey, soy, wheat or gluten derived foods.

So Here’s My Summary.

We live in a day and age where our food industry has the challenge of feeding an ever-growing population in the US.  Needless to say everything we eat is not loaded with nutrition.  Our bodies need good nutrition and it’s just not getting it in the fast and convenient foods that are readily at out disposal.  It’s important to feed the body what it needs if you’re a busy parent, college student or professional to maintain energy levels.  If you’re already health conscious or are living a vegetarian lifestyle then Shakeology can provide that quick, easy nutrient rich meal replacement that accompanies your goals.

Whatever you do, treat your body like it deserves to be treated because you only get one of them and you need to keep it running well with all you have to do.  If you have any questions prior to trying it yourself, please feel free to contact me.

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