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Get ready to learn about one of the best free online food diaries I’ve ever used.

When I was younger and was more active, I found it easy to lose weight or even just manage my weight during times when I was less active.

Today, at 40years old it’s just not that simple anymore.

In a recent conversation with my buddy Mike Mulvihill, he convinced me that I’d be insane if I continue to try to reach my optimal fitness and weight loss goals without using this free weight loss online food diary that he uses called

He made it clear that if you don’t know how many calories my body would burn in a normal day and how many calories I was taking in, it was like taking a road trip somewhere without a map.  I may get there but it would be by sheer luck.

Now, I’m not exactly new to this but it was like a “Duh” moment – if you know what I mean.

So from his iPhone, he introduced me to and their free membership.

Here’s what you get with and their free weight loss online food diary.

– A super easy to use online food diary on the web so you can track what you eat almost as easily as sending an email.  This way you can track what you eat from any internet connection anywhere in the world.

– Their database contains an estimate 678,000 foods already there for you to choose from (This is huge).  What I like best is when you eat out, many of the restaurant items are already in there so you don’t have to waste time trying to “create a custom” food (although, you can when you need to).

Another cool thing is when you create a custom food that you’ve eaten, you can then share it with the entire community (I did this the other night).

– There’s no excuse not to do this even when you’re on the go because they have free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  I still carry a blackberry but am planning to make a switch soon and now I can’t wait. (Update 10/18/11 – I am now using this on my Droid X – and love it!)

– You also become a part of the community of support and motivation from people who are working on achieving their weight loss goals just like we have in our Beachbody Club Free Membership and Join the Beachbody Challenge for a change to have your fitness transformation win you up to $100,000.

– The biggest benefit of this is 100% customized to your own diet and exercise profile.  You get to set up your own personalized diet profile.

Check out this short video where I take you into my profile and show you a few other features that I really like:


If you’ve found this helpful, be sure start using it today and be sure to share it with your facebook, twitter and other social friends and let them know what you’ve found.

So if you’re tracking your meals and working on improving your fitness, then you owe it to yourself to enter the Beachbody Challenge for a chance to win up to $100,000.

Get a glimpse in the video below:

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