Healthy Meal Planning Even When You’re Busy

healthy meal planning

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There’s no question about it that healthy meal planning as a busy parent, professional or student can be tough.

Yesterday, my day started at 5:30.

Left for first meeting at 8:00.

Arrived at office for 30 minutes with enough time to reply to an email or two, grab docs for second meeting then out the door to 2nd meeting at noon.

Back around 2pm in time to teach a training class until 3:45.

Then my desk was calling me to check in on what I really needed to get done that day…LOL.

In one way or another, I’m sure you’ve been there.

The key to eating right when you’re on the go as a busy parent or career professional is planning meals ahead of time.

When I’m “in the zone” and focused on a fitness goal, there is no other way for me give myself the best odds of not messing up than to make sure I’ve done my healthy meal planning in advance and prepped them the night before.

Healthy Meal Planning On The Go

If you didn’t know, I track all of my meals in My Fitness Pal.  I’ve been using it for about 2 years at the time of writing this post.

It’s free.  It’s mobile.  It works on every mobile device you can think of (I believe).  Most importantly it allows you to track what’s going into your mouth.

So many people say to me…”I need to lose weight, what workout should I do.”

To me that’s the wrong question.  Sure, you need to burn calories but I usually suggest to my challenge group participants that they should start making a daily habit of tracking everything they put into their mouth.

I learned long ago in my career that only what you can track can you improve.  What this means is you can’t say I need to eat better or I need to stop eating this or that if you don’t even know what it is that you’re eating.  Healthy meal planning will take care of this.

Today, is not different than yesterday, as soon as I finish this post, I’m in the shower and out the door and have a very fast paced day again today.

I was up early and got my workout in.  The key though to my success today is that I already know what I’m eating.  It’s already on My Fitness Pal and there won’t be any variances.

So do you use a tracking tool to track what you eat?  If so, what do you use and why?  Leave me a comment below

If you don’t have a My Fitness Pal account and would like to take a look, you should click the link you just past and read my full post.  Then get your account.  Once you do, connect with me there.  My username is dlevans1911.

Have an awesome day.

Darrell Evans - Your Beachbody Coach

Darrell Evans – Your Beachbody Coach