Shakeology Cleanse Results: (Lost 9 Pounds in 3 Days)

Real Shakeology Cleanse Results

I felt great and lost 9 pounds in just 3 days.

I am one day late in getting my Shakeology cleanse results uploaded here to the site.  But boy, did this deliver.

Check out the numbers on the scale in between my dusty feet…LOL.

Compare this to my original weight on day one of my cleanse.

I’m actually speechless.  3 days ago, I weighed 205.6 pounds and today the scale says 196.6.  (Side note:  I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after I wake up, before drinking or eating anything.)

What Might Your Cleanse Results Be?

The goal for drinking Shakeology and doing this cleanse was not mainly to lose weight.  It’s just a byproduct of detoxifying pounds of garbage, waste, and toxins that exist in your body that you don’t even know or realize are there.

Our bodies take in so much junk from the processed foods we eat and are literally inflamed with toxins.  This stuff sticks to us like glue on our insides and the body has challenges processing these things.  It’s critical for our overall health that we detox our bodies periodically so we can get our bodies back to optimal performance.

While the calories you’re allowed to have on the cleanse are restricted they are extremely healthy calories and I only found myself a few times wanting something more…(I have a very busy schedule during the day – Can you relate?)

One day, I had to sit in a 4-hour meeting and someone brought bagels in from Einstein Bagels.  While the smell of them was refreshingly delicious, I knew what my mission was and had no problem ignoring that they were within arms reach of my desk.

What Was My Biggest Challenge To Achieving These Shakeology Cleanse Results?

I thought the caffeine withdrawal headaches were absolutely the worst things I had to deal with.  This was by far my biggest setback.  I also was fighting a cold at the start of the cleanse and it made me contemplate not doing it because when I catch a cold it can turn into a sinus infection in a snap.  I was very fortunate that it didn’t and I plunged ahead with the process.

Due to my headaches, I decided not to work out during the cleanse as you are allowed to do (and it’s even suggested).

I played it safe since I was battling a cold and the caffeine withdrawal headache.


I’m very pleased with my cleanse results.  9 pounds of weight loss, caffeine withdrawal headaches gone, my sleep improved over the last few days and my energy (while low at first) is really good now.  I believe this was a great start to my weight loss and fitness goals this year and is something I’d recommend for you to consider.

I’ll definitely do another detox again mid-year.

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you are trying to decide if the cleanse is right for you?

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