Where To Buy Shakeology?

If you’re on this page, then it’s very likely you’re wondering where you can buy Shakeology. This page will provide you with the details such as:buy shakeology

  • The purchasing options
  • How to buy  with a discount
  • The order link where you can buy it from the Team Beachbody store
  • And what to watch out for before you do.

Review The Pricing Options Before You Buy Shakeology

Simplifying your nutrition can be as easy as replacing once meal per day with Shakeology.  By drinking just one shake per day, you can increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, and feel great.*

Before we get into pricing options, you should know that that Beachbody has an incredible risk free offer.  The fact of the matter is that no matter how good nutritionally the shake is, you might not like it.

Beachbody doesn’t want you to feel like you’re stuck with a product you’re not happy with.

Some people ask (and even some sites offer) a week trial or to send a sample.  Let’s face it, this isn’t a taste contest, it’s a health drink.  Your body is not likely to respond with one or two or even five shakes.  So here’s what they’ll do.

Enjoy healthy nutrition when you buy Shakeology RISK FREE for 30 days with our Bottom-of-the-Bag Guarantee

If you don’t feel healthier, more energized, and simply amazing, you won’t pay. You can return Shakeology for any reason and get your money back (less s&h)—even if the bag is empty!

To return, simply make a short call to our friendly Customer Service team, rated “A” by the better Business Bureau®.

Get FREE standard shipping with Home Direct**

Plus get online access to 2 FREE workouts as a thank-you gift for choosing Home Direct.  Just follow the link in your order confirmation email.**†

When you click the link below and arrive on the order page, first you’ll choose which flavor you want:

Choose from:

Chocolate Vegan
Tropical Strawberry Vegan
Regular Chocolate (my favorite)

Then, you will select your packaging options: 30 Servings (Bulk) in a bag or 24 Individual packets in a box

You can order a one time order or when you buy Shakeology on monthly home direct you also get Free Shipping**

Shakeology Price – $129.95

Buy Shakelogy Now

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Before You Buy Shakeology, Get Your Questions Answered.

Are there any shakeology discounts available? Yes.  Team Beachbody Club members get a 10% discount.

How Do I Join the Team Beachbody Club? Click here to learn more.

I heard there was a way to buy Shakelogy for under $100, how so?  The price for Team Beachbody Coaches is $97.46.  To learn how to get this price, click here.

Why should I drink Shakeology? Shakeology can help you:*  lose weight, reduce cravings, increase energy and stamina and promote healthy digestion and regularity.

I heard that Shakeology doesn’t taste great, what do you think?  Beachbody has worked extremely hard on not only delivering a shake worthy of being called The Healthiest Meal of The Day, but a shake that tastes great.  They released a revised formula in the summer of 2012 and to me, it tastes great (my kids drink it too).  If you’ve never consumed protein shakes or other meal replacement shakes, you’ll have a little adjustment but isn’t your health worth it.  I’ve been drinking shakelogy since January 2010 and love it.

You’re a coach, of course you’ll say it’s great.  What do ‘real people’ say about Shakeology.

Is this site, will I get the real Shakelogy product?  Yes, this site is owned by Team Beachbody Coach, Darrell Evans.  When you click the order link below, you will leave this site and arrive on Beachbody order page.

Is it more expensive to buy through this site?  No.  The price is the same.

Why is the price of Shakeology on Amazon/Ebay higher than the price here?  I’m not sure, but I’d ask that question of those sellers.

Will I still get the satisfaction guarantee when I buy through your site?  Yes, you are actually not buying from this site.  You are buying Shakeology directly from Beachbody.  The entire transaction will be handled by Beachbody.

Why does Beachbody allow you to sell/represent their product on this site?  As a Team Beachbody Coach, we provide support to Beachbody customers after they purchase one of the fitness products or Shakeology.  Beachbody rewards coaches with a commission that does not affect your purchase price for being a coach and helping their customers reach their health and fitness goals.

Will you be my coach when I buy from this site?  Yes.

If you have a question that has not been addresses above, please feel free to contact me.

Buy Shakelogy Now

Click Here to Buy Shakelogy

Disclaimers and Notices (Please Read Here, You’ll See Again On The Order Page)

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†Free monthly shipping offer applies only when you select basic ship method (outside the continental U.S., a surcharge will apply).

Results may vary.

Participants followed the Shakeology Program, which included replacing one meal per day with Shakeology, exercising three times a week, and eating a balanced diet.

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**When you buy Shakeology on Home Direct, you’ll receive this item every 30 days, shipped directly to your door and billed to the credit card used today in the amount of $129.95 a month and includes FREE shipping to your doorstep. You may cancel at any time to avoid future changes by contacting Customer Service.

The answers above are questions that were asked of Team Beachbody Coach Darrell Evans.  Darrell Evans is not an employee of Beachbody and his answers are from his perspective, experience and personal use of Shakelogy.  For full terms of use of this site, click here.