Shakeology Ingredients – See What It’s Inside

Shakeology Ingredients

This ultra premium health shake that is packed with the essential nutrients the body needs to stay in shape.  Shakeology ingredients received through a simple meal replacement are known for their ability to flush out toxins, and fortify the cells.

With all of the various meal replacement shakes and protein shakes on the market, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal, right?

It’s simple.  Well kinda.  Okay, not really.

The answer:  It’s the ingredients that make this meal replacement shake what it is and give rise to its multifarious benefits.

Where do Shakeology Ingredients Come From?

Watch this video of Darin Olein, Co-Creator of Shakeology as he travels to Peru and beyond in search for ingredients.


What are the Shakeology Ingredients?

Vitamins – This shake is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and folic acid.  These vitamins help build the immune system, improve blood circulation, and increase bone density.

Minerals –  Contains 20% RDA of each of these minerals calcium, phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum.  These are vital for bone health, body metabolism, and brain function.

Protein – Each serving of the Shakeology nutrition drink is loaded with approximately 26 grams of protein.  Protein is in important element for tissue repair, muscle development, and energy.

Antioxidants – Shakeology ingredients such as acerola, camu-camu, pomegranate, bilberry, blueberry, goji, and acai are known for their antioxidant properties.  Antioxidants protect the body from free radical damage.  They also help in regeneration of cells and prevention of premature skin aging.

Phytonutrients – Phytochemicals in chlorella, spirulina, hydrilla, blue green algae, spinach, barley, kamut grass, oat grass, and wheat grass make Shakeology a potent defense against chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and heart failure. Phytonutrients also helps regulate the secretion of hormones.  Due to their antibacterial properties, phytonutrients are used to prevent infection.

Prebiotics and probiotics – Lactobacilli, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Bifidobacterium longum are added in Shakeology to facilitate healthy digestion.  Other ingredients such as Flax seed, Chia seed, apple fiber, pea fiber, and quinoa also help with this function.  When better the foods are digested the better the body can absorb the nutrients in them.

Digestive Enzymes – These are enzymes that break down substances into their smaller building blocks in order to facilitate absorption by the body.  Amylase, Papain, Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Bromelain, Amaranth, grape seed extract and green tea decaffeinated extract are digestive enzymes contained in the formula.

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